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      "That's enough. I am your father. I am the best judge of what is right for you.""Well, the first one. You couldn't forget that."

      "But they were friendly!""Nobody but a Yankee'd thought o' that," said the rebel reflectively.52

      He held her a little away from him that he might see her better. Pen yielded up her soul to him through her eyes.

      "How about hate as an incentive?"

      It seemed as if he hardly ceased speaking when the boys came running back with the rails which they laid down along the crest, and dropped flat behind them, began throwing the gravelly soil over them with their useful half-canteens. In vain the shower of rebel bullets struck and sang about them. Not one could penetrate that little ridge of earth and rails, which in an hour grew into a strong rifle-pit against which the whole rebel brigade charged, only to sustain a bloody repulse.

      "Oh, you have, have you? Well, permit me to remind you that the clothes were to wear here, and not to go away in!" He started out of the room blustering noisily to cover his retreat. "Five hundred dollars! To ruin your chances! Never heard of such folly! Never speak to me of this again! Five hundred dollars!"


      "Well it's more than I would have done. Why didn't you ride a hoss?"


      "Well," said Shorty, philosophically, "for folks that like that sort o' fightin,' that's the sort o' fightin' they like. I'm different. I don't. When I fight it's for something that I've got an interest in."


      "No, thar ain't nary one owned in the hull family."